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F32.2 / Documentary

2018, 40 Minutes

Vera is one of my closest friends. We made films together and travelled the world. Vera is writing poems. Beautiful ones. She is goofy and witty and filming wacky videos about herself.

While working on a shortfilm she suddenly calls me: “I need your help.“ Vera is suffering from a severe depression. Out of the blue. Medical diagnosis code: F32.2. Something went wrong within her brain.

I am helpless. What happened to the Vera I used to know? Is our latest film project to blame for it?

I start talking to doctors and scientists. Also, I am asking Vera. Remembering good old days, reading letters out loud to each other, going out dancing.

Together, we find images and words for this strange and shitty feeling.

Script / Director / Production-Manager: Annelie Boros

Cinematography: Julian Krubasik

Production: NORDPOLARIS, Florian Kamhuber / Fabian Halbig

Editor: Nina Ergang

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